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"An Evening of Chinese Culture " A series of events
in New York to promote Chinese Culture

"A Celebration of Chinese Culture" promotion on the center LED screen in Citi Field.

"Beautiful China Tour • Brilliant Chinese Night" is the theme of the 2015 eighth annual "An Evening of Chinese Culture." The event was held at the New York Mets Citi Field on Saturday, July 25th with the baseball team, bringing Chinese tourists and fans as well as a Chinese cultural performance for the American audience. The series of activities were co-organized by the Sino-American Friendship Association, Cimagine Media Group, Sino-American Culture and Arts Foundation, American Major League Baseball (MLB) New York Mets (New York Mets), and the China National Tourism Office in New York.

Consul General Zhang, Qiyue kicked off the game.

As the opening of the eighth "An Evening of Chinese Culture" series of activities, this event will be held again by Sino-American Friendship Association at the Mets Citi Field. During the night of the game, "Beautiful China" tourism promotion video was featured in the middle of the big screen. The Chinese Consulate General in New York, Consul General Zhang Qiyue, was invited as the guest of honor to give a kickoff of the game. She and the president of the Sino-American Friendship Association, Peter Zhang gave their support for the activities of the China National Tourism Office in New York, by issuing the director Xue Yaping a "US-China Relations Special Contribution Award". Additionally, the Consul General Zhang Qiyue, U.S. Congresswoman Miss Meng Zhaowen, Director Xue Yaping, "An Evening of Chinese Culture" event president Margaret Lam, and Li Li, president of Cimagine Media Group and vice president of Sino-American Friendship Association were awarded the "U.S. China Harmonious Contribution Award "by the New York Mets baseball team, in appreciation of their contribution to promoting cultural exchanges between the United States and China.

Li Liyan (first from left), Guan Xinguo (third from left), Mets Senior Vice President David Newman (forth from left), Ron Kim (fifth from left), Peter Zhang (sixth from left), Ambassador Zhang Qiyue (seventh from left), Director Xue Yaping (eighth from left), Michael DenDekker (seventh from right), Margaret Lam (sixth from right), hersh Parekh (forth from right) and Li Li (third from right)attended the press conference.

The honorees of "US-China Relations Special Contribution Award"(holding Medals) from left to right: Mr. Guan,Xinguo, President of Xinhua News Agency North America、 Ms. Grace Meng, U.S. Congresswoman、Ms. Li Li, President of Cimagine Media Group LLC、Ms. Zhang, Qiyue, Consul General of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York、 Mr. Xue, Yaping, Director of China National Tourist Office、 Ms. Margaret Lam, Event honorary Chairman

Consul General Zhang (third from right), President Peter Zhang (third from left)
and Mr. Xue, Yaping (forth from the left), presented the "US-China Relations Special Contribution Award".

“Beautiful China”tourism promotion video repeatedly displayed on
the center screen of the Citi Field.

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