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The vigorous development of tourism business between China and the United States has brought a mutually win-win situation, the tourism exchanges and cooperation becomes more prospective. Over the years, Sino-American Friendship Association is committed to promoting US and China governments, locals, tourism and civil exchanges and cooperation, through channels of the governmental tourism cooperation through strategic dialogues, high-end forums, top level tourism officials' visits and travel images and resources campaigns, etc. For positively introducing China's tourism resources and development blueprint, presenting the beauty of scenic attractions and its unique style, in hope to provide US-China tourism project docking and cooperation opportunities, and promote the cooperation scale and diversity, Sino-American Friendship Association is dedicated to bring the broader cooperation on economic, cultural, artistic, educational, medical and other fields between the two countries.

On the basis of the general tourism projects, we will develop the American characteristics tourism and study experience projects according to the different cultural backgrounds of the United States and China, and provide the new platform for government agencies, enterprises, associations and the public groups in the United States and China to access the mutual exchange and learning cooperation. It will level up the tourism exchanges and cooperation between US and China.

The ongoing tourism exchange and cooperation activities:

US - China professional exchange
  • Professional exchanges and visits between governmental departments
  • Experts and scholars discuss and exchange in the fields of economy, culture, art, tourism, education, medical care and media.
  • Business executives and entrepreneurs researches and visits on targeted markets.
  • Industrial associations and civilian organizations exchange visits and business cooperation.
  • High-end forums on academic frontiers, economic hotspots, seminars and strategic cooperation etc.
Featured summer camp
  • NBA Summer Camp
  • Future youth leaders explore trip
  • Broadway performances camp
  • The American Life Experience Camp