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“Dreaming Guling” Sponsored by SAFA and video plays at Times Square


Sponsored by Sino-American Friendship Association (SAFA), “Dreaming Guling” video was frequently displayed on the giant LED screen in the Times Square between Jun.30th and Jul.1st, 2012. Guling, also known as “Kuliang”, 13 kilometers east of the Fuzhou City stands a mountain. In summer holidays, people from all parts of the city are driven by the boiling heat to the mountain top, where temperature is 10℃ lower than that in the plain. This mountain is known as the Drum Ridge in Chinese, or Gū-liāng in local vernacular. Kuliang has been a great summer resort and it helped to build China-U.S. friendship began in 1887.

Chinese Vice-President Xi, Jinping during his official U.S visit in 2012 mentioned a touching story about an American who spent his childhood in Guling 100 years ago when he was with his family in China. Peter Zhang, President of SAFA said "we believe the Dreaming Guling video will attract more Americans to visit Fujian and Guling and learn the friendship history between two countries.”