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SAFA Shows the “Transcendental Image” Video at Times Square

The “Transcendental Image” art exhibition and demonstration video was frequently displayed on the giant LED screen in the Times Square on July 3rd, which was organized and arranged by the Sino-American Friendship Association (SAFA). The video of “Transcendental Image” introduced  a painting style initiated by Chinese well-known artist Wang, Linxu. By introducing the world’s finest modern visual art elements to traditional Chinese water ink painting, this unique art form has accomplished the organic blending of Nature and art, humanity and science, and enabled traditional oriental art and Western impressionism to find a perfect converging point. “Transcendental Image” has thus had a huge impact on the Western art community.

Wang, Linxu is also a friendship messenger for China and has traveled extensively to many countries. He believes the art of “Transcendental Image” is a great experiment of the way in which the Chinese culture introduces itself to the world.