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“Voice of Harmony”--Meet with Tan, Jing at the United Nations

Tan, Jian with VIP Audiences and Children from China

On August 7, 2012, the Sino-American Culture and Arts Foundation (SACAF), Sino-American Friendship Association (SAFA) and UNSRC Chinese Club organized an event for the well-known Chinese Singer, Tan, Jing, at the conference hall of the United Nations)headquarters in New York, where she delivered a speech with her songs and was presented an “Ambassador of the Chinese Culture”. More than 300 people attended that day’s event.

Over the last ten years, Tan, Jing has always seen the “Voice of Harmony” as her goal on her journey in pursuit of art, and has thus successfully explored the music styles of different cultures and traditions all over the world. Based on her personal experience as an artist, she revealed that her work has been greatly influenced by the diversity of folk music, further stating that folk music is the foundation of the emergence and development of music and that harmony is the highest level of Chinese music. Tan, Jing expressed her hope to “spread our folk music by using a language and techniques that will be accepted by people of the world, so that the voice of harmony can radiate throughout the world.” Among the songs that she performed including, “Big Red Rooster’s Furry Legs,” “On Top of The Eastern Mountain,” and “Sky.”


Tan, Jing said that by performing these three songs at the UN Headquarters, she hoped that the audience would be able to gain a better understanding of the Chinese culture and Chinese music. “Sky” was also performed at the opening of the Beijing Olympics Game when the doves were being set free, symbolizing the same world and the same sky that we all share. By ending the night’s event with that song, it signified Tan, Jing’s relationship with world music, as well as her hope for unity. Li Li, Executive Vice President of SAFA said, “We are very grateful to have Tan, Jing to be with us today and hope everyone enjoyed meeting with her and her songs. We also look forward to seeing Tan, Jing’s concert in New York.”

Attendees of the event included Wu, Hongbo, UN Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs; Wang, Min, Deputy Representative of Chinese Mission to the UN; Xu, Nanshan, Deputy Consul General of Consulate General of People’s Republic of China in New York; Peter Zhang, President of Sino-American Friendship Association (SAFA), and Li Li, President of Sino-American Culture and Arts Foundation (SACAF).