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"U.S-China Talented Youth in Art and Design Award" Project Opening Reception on Wall Street

On August 15, 2012, the Sino-American Friendship Association (SAFA) and world-renowned Tiffany & Co. got together to organize an opening reception and the “U.S-China Talented Youth in Art and Design Award” at Tiffany & Co.’s Wall Street location. Tiffany & Co. sponsored the event and provided the brand’s exquisite products, “Keys for a Cause” at the event that opens a Tiffany & Co. crystal box. Each key represents every great opportunity of receiving a Tiffany & Co. treasure and also supporting to the young and talented students.

The “U.S-China Talented Youth in Art and Design Award” aims to tap young talents, and to encourage and nurture future talents in the art and design community. The project hopes that through the combination of fresh ideas and current trends, the participants will produce unique work that is influenced by both Chinese and American cultures. The participants’ work will be judged based on both its brilliance and the incorporation of each individual’s personal characteristics. At the reception, guests enjoyed the exceptional art work by Jasmine Zhang and Ashley Weir from St. Francis Prep.

Guests at the Opening Ceremony