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2011 "Chinese Culture Week" series of activities into the community

chinese culture week

Hosted by the Sino-American Friendship Association (SAFA), its subsidiary the Sino-American Culture & Arts Foundation (SACAF) and local communities, "An Evening of Chinese Culture" extended its celebration, for the first time ever, to a full week. This event reached out to various schools, communities and organizations in the five NYC boroughs, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. This week-long event provided the community great opportunities to experience the true beauty of Chinese culture. It also allowed a wide variety of groups and individuals to enjoy performances by an award-winning Chinese group of professional dancers, artists, and acrobats.

Global Learning Collaborative

Meanwhile, during the week, eight renowned middle schools in NY, NJ, CT and PA formally launched their "Chinese Culture Club". SAFA and SACAF presented publications and audio-visual products of Chinese culture and languages as gifts to those newly established clubs. SAFA will also support Chinese language and cultural projects that aim to promote Chinese culture and arts, making it easily accessible to more people in the U.S. This brand new project will deepen U.S.-China cultural ties and reinforce the long-term friendship between China and the United States. 


John Bowne High School

S.T.A.R. Early College School

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