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Sino-American Friendship Association (SAFA) visits public high schools in New York and Pennsylvania, establishing Chinese Culture Clubs

The series events of “Chinese Culture Week” hosted by the Sino-American Friendship Association (SAFA) were successfully held on February 11th, 12th, 13th, 16th, separately in Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn. The “Chinese Culture Week” aimed to strengthen the cultural exchange between China and the United States to a stable and healthy relationship. SAFA also helped the schools to establish/develop  Chinese cultural clubs and donated the Chinese cultural publications including books, videos, and audios introducing Chinese culture in English for American high school students to understand Chinese culture, arts and history.


Li Li, Executive Vice Presidents of Sino-American Friendship Association and President of SACAF, was invited to Greenwich High School in Connecticut and Global Technology Preparatory in New York to meet with the students and teachers. The conference focused on the topics of learning Chinese Culture and languages, as well as the books donated for the establishment of Chinese Culture Clubs. Both two schools are consisted of American high school students who show great interests in Chinese Culture and preference of learning Chinese.

According to the conversation between Li Li and Ms. Schenker, the Director of Foreign Language in Greenwich High School,  the students in Greenwich High School are fond of Chinese Culture and even hang Chinese national flag on the back wall of classroom. They were excited when those publications of Chinese Culture were introduced and indicated that they were more than willing to learn Chinese culture and language in China if they had the chances. The Club director, Ms. Yang, appreciated for the books gifting and the efforts of Sino-American Friendship Association for providing the latest learning materials. Yang also scheduled regular activities such as discussion panel or the club, providing students the channel to understand China through analyzing current major events.


Ms. Russell, the Principal of Global Technology Preparatory also said that the support from Sino-American Friendship Association were very helpful. Ms. Miller passionately invited Li Li to interact with students in class. Although there are no Chinese teachers or students in the school, these students still proactively learn the language through online material and language studying software.

SACAF will schedule regular visits of Chinese culture and art scholars to the classes and the culture club, allowing students to learn the culture and experience the width and depth of Chinese culture.