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“An Evening of Chinese Culture 2009”

SAFA co-hosted “An Evening of Chinese Culture” in conjunction with the NBA New Jersey Nets at IZOD center, New Jersey, U.S.A. This event presented Chinese culture and was the first time such a large and diverse group of artists from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan performed together.

SAFA received congratulatory letters from four governors of NY, NJ, CT, PA and NYC Mayor Bloomberg. It attracted a full-house of attendees including business, community and government leaders. The main sponsors of this event evening included New York Life, Western Union, Pathmark, Nike, L'Oreal, Peak Sport Products Co,, Phoenix Satellite TV, etc.

Peter Zhang, the Event Executive Director and the President of the Sino-American Friendship Association said, "Tonight is not only a sports night but definitely a splendid Chinese culture night. I hope this event would help deepen the multi-cultural friendship between the Chinese and American people."

The event enjoyed extensive coverage by the Chinese and American media, and was seen in more than 50 major Chinese and American media outlets including, Xinhua News, China News Daily, CCTV and Phoenix Satellite TV as well as ESPN and NBA TV. It attracted over 80 million viewers and it was reported as an extension of Olympic celebration.

During the halftime break, the Nets dancers dressed in Chinese costumes performed red silk ribbon dance with the song “Greater China.” There were many Chinese fans singing along with the music "We have a home, its name is called China ... ...." a Chinese fan told the reporter that the song let him really feel at "home" now. The Chinese Consulate General, Ambassador Peng, Keyu expressed his feeling of the event. He said that he believed China and the United States would increase mutual understanding and promote mutual friendship through more exchanges of sport and culture.

The most exciting moment of the event was the 35-minute post-game Chinese culture & art performance including lion and dragon dance, folk music, Chinese martial arts, opera, and ribbon dance. Finally, all the performers gathered on the stage and sang a world-famous song --- Auld Lang Syne with all the guests and audiences. Singing this song with everyone meant this event would further enhance harmony in diversity and friendship in the United States, and promote world peace.

An Evening of Chinese Culture 2009