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Li Li, the President of Sino-American Culture & Arts Foundation, the honorable principal of New York

Principal for A Day

SACAF president Li Li, arrived at the Public School 403 and welcomed by the principal Jennifer Zinn to begin her “Principal for A Day” on Thursday morning, October 15th. In this school with few Chinese students, she gave lectures about the Chinese history and culture to the teachers and students during the class.

“I am very honored to have this great opportunity and work with P.S. 403 to emphasize its education on learning Chinese and world culture. I am very excited to interact with all students in class to increase their understanding of Chinese culture furthermore, to experience the different cultures throughout the world” said by Li Li.

Held each year in October, “Principal for A Day” organizes partners to launch their collaborations on a citywide basis. Hundreds of New York business leaders visit their partner schools in all five boroughs to start or continue their collaborations. These visits provide business Partners with valuable exposure to their school’s culture and unique strengths and challenges.

On Principal for A Day, business leaders visit their partner schools for a partial or entire school day. Partners are encouraged to create a structured agenda that will provide a complete introduction to the school community and begin to shape ideas for future collaboration.