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New York Mets Game Comes Alive As Baseball Meets Ancient Chinese Civilization

The August 6, 2022, Mets game between the New York Mets and the Atlanta Braves at Citi Field in New York came alive Saturday night with Chinese culture.

The 13th annual "An Evening of Chinese Culture," featuring "Fusion of Western and Chinese Civilizations, Connecting the Power of Culture," hosted by the New York Mets and the Sino-American Friendship Association, was a thrilling success. About 40,000 Mets fans enjoyed not only an exciting night of game but also a feast of the splendid culture and history of Ancient China. Chinese exhibition to the game by showcasing Kung Fu, Calligraphy, and a video includes the heritage of Chinese civilization-the Great Wall, Yellow Mountain and Longmen Grottos to fans.

The Mets presented the Spirit Award to Ambassador Huang Ping, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China; Peter Walker, former Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company; Vipp Jaswal, CEO of Interpersonal Intelligence Advisory; Margaret Lam, President of New Jersey Chinese Festival and Li Li, President of the Sino-American Culture and Arts Foundation in appreciation of their contribution to promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning among different ethnicities.

Ambassador Huang Ping presented the first pitch, marking the opening of the game in which the Mets played the Braves. Congresswoman Grace Meng; New York Governor Kathy Hochul; and Mayor of New York City Eric Adams also sent congratulatory letters to the event.

Governor Hochul in her congratulatory letter said: "The celebration of Chinese culture in our communities is beautiful. The showcase of the rich resources of Chinese heritage and civilization is imperative to the diversity of New York."

Mayor Adams mentioned in his congratulatory letter: "As you gather to enjoy an evening of cross-cultural and an exciting game between the NY Mets and the Atlanta Braves, I applaud SAFA for its efforts to share the rich heritage of Chinese New Yorkers with people of all backgrounds."

“This event brings the ancient Chinese civilization and delightful American sport of baseball together, to promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning between different civilizations, like the U.S. and China," said Peter Zhang, president of the Sino-American Friendship Association. “It's important to enhance the harmony among people of different ethnicities and backgrounds and we hope to continue to strengthen such friendship through cultural communication among Chinese and Americans.”

Also attending the festive Chinese culture celebration included Jin Qian, Deputy Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in New York; Linda Sun, Deputy Chief of Staff, New York State Executive Chamber; Winnie Greco, Special Advisor to the New York City Mayor and Director of Asian Affairs; Christopher Marte, New York City Council Member; John Ricco, New York Mets Senior Vice President; Wei Hu, Chairman of China General Chamber of Commerce-USA (CGCC) and CEO of Bank of China U.S.A.; Xingtang Xu, Acting Director,Xinhua News Agency North America; Candy Nip, Director, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office; Henry Chang-Yu Lee, Former Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Public Safety and professor of University of New Haven; Rongsheng Lin, Vice Chairman of World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies; Joebert Opulencia, Chairman of Pacific Asia Travel Association NY.