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Henan of China To Take Over Times Square

It will be Henan of China's take over of Times Square on New Year's Eve as the countdown starts the showcasing of the Chinese province on the New Year's Eve show on December 31, 2021.

Henan takes over the giant Disney LED screen at Times Square for a rotated 30 seconds video from Dec.30th throughout New Year's Eve, to thrill New Yorkers and visitors alike with scenes of its famous Yellow River, the Songshan Mountain, Taijiquan and Shaolin Kung Fu.

The video showcases over ten iconic representations of Henan culture and history, virtually offering global audiences a journey to the true Henan, the Cradle of China.

An important part of Henan's debut in the 2022 New Year's Eve countdown in Times Square will include performances featuring Chinese martial arts, Taijiquan and Shaolin Kungfu, as well as captivating fan dance, where traditional Chinese art forms merge with American break dance.

Director Kuang, Lin and Deputy Director Lu, Kailin of China National Tourist Office New York, President Peter Zhang of the Sino-American Friendship Association, President Ji Cheng Wang of Henan American Association U.S.A. and other Chinese American community leaders supporting Henan's participation in the countdown celebrations in front of Disney's giant LED

Director Kuang, Lin being interviewed by media on site

President Ji Cheng Wang being interviewed