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Executive Vice President Li Li and Mayoral Delegation of Los Angeles City visited Chengdu

2018 Innovation Forum for Mayors of International Sister Cities of Chengdu
May 17, 2018, Li Li, Executive Vice President of the Sino-American Friendship Association, and deputy mayor delegation of Los Angeles arrived in Chengdu, Sichuan starting a five-day visit and exchange activities.
LA mayoral delegation attending the 2018 China (Chengdu) Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair
The “2018 China (Chengdu) Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair” was held at the Century City International Exhibition Center on May 18th. Mayor of Chengdu, Luo, Qiang hosted the opening ceremony. At the event, Deputy Mayor Sangalang delivered a speech and shared how the new economy reshaped the Los Angeles and followed by a media interview.
Deputy Mayor Sangalang giving a speech at the opening ceremony
Deputy Mayor Sangalang being interviewed at the event
Liu, Xiaoliu , Vice Mayor of Chengdu; Jiang, Bin, Diretor of foreign affairs office of Chengdu taking photos with LA Mayoral Delegation

Deputy Mayor Sangalang giving a speech at the forum
Mayor of Chengdu, Luo, Qiang met with LA Deputy Mayor Sangalang and its delegation and the Sino-American Friendship Association. Mayor Luo said that he hoped to strengthen cooperation and exchanges between Chengdu and Los Angeles, and deepen the friendship between the two cities. Deputy Mayor Sangalang said that he hoped this visit will become a new beginning of friendship between the two cities with further collaboration.
Chengdu mayor Luo, Qiang meeting with Sino-American Friendship Association and LA Deputy Mayor Delegation
This visit helped to further communication and cooperation between the two cities in culture, tourism, entertainment, economy, and technological innovation.