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Delegation of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government of China Visited New York

New York, NY, Thursday, Aug 30, 2018: President Peter Zhang together with the executive management of the Sino-American Friendship Association welcomed Minister of Publicity Department of Chongqing, Mr. Zhang, Ming and the Chongqing Delegation at Penn Club in Manhattan, New York.
The two parties had a deep discussion on the cooperation between Chongqing and SAFA in the U.S. Those in attendance also included Mr. Yang, Daqing, Deputy Director-General, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Chongqing; Mr. Dingbo, Qin, Deputy Director-General, Chongqing Municipal Commission of Tourist Development; Mr. Ma, Ranxi, Deputy Director-General, Information Office of Chongqing; Mr. He, Yousheng, Chief Executive, Banan District People’s Government of Chongqing; Mr. Qi, Meiwen, Chief Executive, Fengjie County People’s Government of Chongqing; Mr. Guan, Hong, President of Chongqing Daily News Group; Mr. Mou, Fengjing, President of Chongqing Braodcasting Group and Ms. Pan, Xiaopeng, Deputy Director of China National Tourist Office in New York. 
Chongqing Delegation meeting with executives of SAFA
President Peter Zhang and Executive Vice President Li Li photographed with the Chongqing Delegation