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2018 US-China Children's Road Safety Exchange Program

For years, the United States has actively explored the children's road safety programs and projects, and made many efforts and attempts from policy guidance, facilities transformation to safety awareness advocacy.
The results are admirable. The Sino-American Friendship Association (SAFA) deeply believes that raise awareness of children's road safety in China is a form of public welfare that greatly benefits our society and humanity.
The children's road safety exchange program we established in the U.S. provides a great platform to further develop and recognize the children's road safety projects in China. Cooperated with the China Women's Development Foundation, SAFA organized executives and project leaders from children's safety organizations in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, and Chengdu, China to participate in a series exchange activities held in September, 2018 in New York, Washington D.C. and Boston.
The participants have learned the best practice on road safety in the U.S. including meeting with children's travel safety organizations and department of transportation in New York, Washington D.C. and Boston to exchange experience with the children's road safety advocates and experts. Through these activities, the participants gained innovative ideas to enhance the development of China's children’s road safety welfare project.
The participants visiting the Children's Museum Of Manhattan, studying the operation and management of the museum and related safety themed courses and educational projects designing for children
The participants visiting the New York Transit Museum, learning the transportation history of this metropolitan city and the application of humanity, scientific technology and education into traffic 
and road safety management
The participants attending the traffic committee conference of New York City Council, learning the discussion topics and conference model in traffic management of the City Council
The participants visiting The New York City Department of Transportation, studying its operation model and the supervision 
projects of children’s road safety
The participants visiting the Headquarter of “Safe Kids” in Washington D.C., studying and discussing in the fields such as the medical agencies cooperation, the application of vehicle-use children’s safety seat, the budget and management of children related NGOs etc.
The participants visiting the KID Museum - an innovative learning space in Washington D.C., discussing the education methods, the operation and project development of children NGOs and potential approaches of cooperation with schools
The participants visiting Boston Transportation Department, studying the history of Boston's traffic development, the policies of children’s road safety and the applications of Big Data on community road safety
The participants visiting the Boston Children’s Museum, studying the history, current operation model and courses for children’s road safety education of the museum