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"Explore the Beautiful China along the Silk Road" Garden Displayed at 2017 Macy's Flower Show in New York

The 43rd Macy's Annual Flower Show opened on Sunday. This year is the 2nd year with Chinese special garden on display in New York during the Show from March 26th until April 9th.
This special “Silk Road" Garden is on display at Macy’s flagship store both in NY and San Francisco during the show. In NY show, the CNTO in NY and SAFA provide one extravagant "Explore the Beautiful China along the Silk Road" garden at the Macy’s general "Carnival" themed show this year on the highly trafficked 5th level at Macy’s flagship store in Midtown Manhattan, NY.
"Silk Road" Garden at 43rd Macy's Annual Flower Show
Chinese garden highlights not only the beauty of China's landscapes and people, but also showcases a video, which is displayed in store LED screens as well as jumbotron outside Macy’s. The flowers shown in the Chinese display represent Chinese Silk Road culture with multiple marvelous natural sites. It provides more information to visitors to experience “China Like Never Before”.
Showcase "Silk Road" video and Photo Album
The unique creation features Chinese handmade customs, with the Chinese characteristic of plants, such as Chinese Fan Palm, azaleas, bamboo as if people have a feeling of immersive.
VIP guests attended “Silk Road” Garden ribbon cutting ceremony
(from Left to right) Elina Kazan 、Li,Liyan、Wang, Yanjie、Peter Zhang、James Cai
Director of the CNTO in New York Wang, Yanjie interviewed by Media
Ms Wang, Yanjie from CNTO in NY was interviewed and said: “It’s great to see a Chinese Silk Road Garden at Macy’s flower show this year. I hope this will provide more information to visitors to understand the great part of Chinese history and the culture along the silk road further to visit China.”
Vice President of Macy's Public Relations Elina Kazan interviewed by Media
President of SAFA  Peter Zhang interviewed by Media
Calligrapher showed traditional calligraphy
LED screen of "Silk Road" adverting