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2017 International (China-US) Youth Basketball Spectacular

2017 International (China-US) Youth Basketball Spectacular, co-hosted by Sino-American Friendship Association (SAFA) and Camsing Global,organized by Cimagine Media Group LLC and Beijing Youth Culture and Art Corporation, ended successfully in Beijing on December 9th. Three of the top U.S. high school basketball teams including Montverde Academy, Providence Day School and Chaminade College Preparatory School were invited to Beijing to compete against four of China's top high school basketball teams and two CBA youth teams, Beijing Tsinghua University High School, Beijing No.4 School, Beijing Zhongguangcun School, Beijing No.22 School, Bayi Youth and Beijing Shougang Youth team for a four-day tournament. Montverde Academy in Florida won the friendly competition.
Chaminade College Preparatory School arrived in Beijing, China
Providence Day School arrived in Beijing, China
Montverde Academy arrived in Beijing, China
China has some of their top prospect youth players, but it was clear the American youth talents are still far superior. For all the Chinese teams, the game is undoubtedly a valuable opportunity to learn the coaching concepts and methods of basketball in the United States. This experience allows the Chinese players to broaden their horizons in the future development of basketball to achieve higher goals. As for the American teams, it is a culture educational experience than just a tournament. They experienced once in a lifetime opportunity in participating in various Chinese cultural experiences, including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Chinese delicacies, and taking part in other Chinese traditional cultures; they can truly say they have experienced “model of China, taste of Beijing”.
Chaminade College Preparatory School visiting The Great Wall, China
The American schools visiting The Forbidden City, China
Seeing the positive interactions between the Chinese players and the American players, Peter Zhang, President of the SAFA, and Zhou Hongyi, Vice President of Camsing Global, were both very delighted and stated, “The success of a country relies on our people and the youth we see in front of us today are the people of our future.”
The American comic-book writer Stan Lee joining the dinner
The US students learning making potteries and learning Chinese Kungfu
The US students having a lecture on Chinese musical instrument and trying Chinese dyeing
Both China and the United States players said after the game that the competition not only allowed the two sides to develop from each other's skills but also expand their understanding of the cultures of the two countries. "Although the tournament is over, the foundation of friendship will last forever."
Montverde Academy going up for a dunk
Competition between the American and Chinese schools
Awarding our tournament champion Montverde Academy
Closing ceremony with farewell dinner with all our organizations, participants and schools
Traditional Chinese cultural performance
Sports are very influential for our youth in both China and the United States, so using basketball as a channel for educational opportunity will have a much bigger impact. “Friendship First, Competition Second,” the International Youth Basketball Spectacular can serve as the bridge to open a new channel for the cultural exchange.
Farewell dinner
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