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2017 - 2018 New Year's Eve Countdown at Time Square

Tongliang Athletics Dragon Dance kicks off the Times Square New Year's Eve Countdown Celebration.
NEW YORK, NY, Sun. Dec. 31, 2017: This year’s Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration was extra special and highlighted as the Sino-American Friendship Association partnered with the Times Square Alliance and Chongqing, China to be the opening act. As the world’s most watched New Year’s Eve celebration, Chongqing will have a unique presence in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, with the themed as “Beautiful Chongqing, a City with Mountains and Rivers.”
 SAFA, Chongqing and Tongliang Athletic Dragon Team wish everyone Happy New Year!
 The Tongliang Athletics Dragon Dance from Chongqing, China.
Chongqing presented with a special performance by Tongliang Athletics Dragon Dance, the most famous Chinese dragon dance, which hails from the Tongliang District of Chongqing. This year, a 15-meter long Athletics Dragon – gold and blue in color and undertaken by eight performers - will come to life in Times Square, depicting the characteristics of “high,” “fast,” and “strong” to thrill onlookers, presented in partnership with the Sino-American Friendship Association. The dance is the same type performed at the Beijing Olympic Games, and its movements are more enhanced, faster and larger in magnitude. Performers from China brought the dragon to life and made an amazing impression for every audience on Times Square.

10,000 Red scarves with greeting from Chongqing, China being distributed to the crowd.
Special guests include: Zhang, Qiyue, Consul General of China in New York; Liu, Qi, Chairman of Chongqing Tourism Administration; Ellyn Canfield, special representative of New York City Government; Tim Tompkins, President of Time Square Alliances and Peter Zhang, President of Sino-American Friendship Association presented and celebrated this event. The event was hosted by Executive Vice President of Sino-American Friendship Association, Li Li and well known national TV personality, Allison Hagendorf. Li and Allison, along with Chinese officials delivered greetings both in English and Chinese to the world.

10,000 Red scarves imprinted with "Chongqing China", and "Happy New Year 2018, New York" from Chongqing Tourism were distributed to the audiences. The scarves have brought greetings and warmth in the cold winter evening.
Chongqing tourism promotion video being displayed on 1 Times Square building big screen LED under the Crystal Ball.
Live broadcast opening ceremony being displayed on Big Screen LED at Times Square area.
Chongqing tourism promotion video being displayed on ABC Super Sign big screen LED at Times Square.
The major world heritage sites, namely Dazu Rock Carvings and South China Karst, with Wulong Three Natural Bridges and others Chongqing spectacular features were rolling throughout at New York Super Sign big screen LED.
Zhang, Qiyue, Consul General of China in New York being interviewed by media.

Liu, Qi, Chairman of Chongqing Tourism Administration being interviewed by Time Square Alliance.
"Sino-American Friendship Extraordinary Contribution Award" being presented to Liu, Qi, Chairman of Chongqing Tourism Administration.
On the night of the event, Consul General of China Zhang, Qiyue was interviewed by many media. She mentioned that China has entered a new era, closing its relations gap and becoming the spotlight of the world. China should remain open minded and be confident to share its achievements and milestones with the world. To achieve China’s future development success and goals, we will have to rely on China and its citizens’ determination, fortitude and efforts.