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Deputy Mayor Tan, Jialing Met with Peter Zhang

March 10, 2015: Deputy Mayor Tan, Jialing met with the president of the Sino-American Friendship Association, Peter Zhang and his business partner. During the meeting, Deputy Mayor Tan, Jialing said, "Recent years, the number of tourists we received in Chongqing and the tourism revenues maintain a rapid and healthy momentum, making Chongqing an important touristic city." In response, Peter Zhang said, " China and the United States both have a deep history behind them. The Sino-American Friendship Association is committed to promoting Chinese culture in the United States. As the number of foreigners increase in because of the implementation of the 72 hour transit visa-free policy, more and more Americans are beginning to pay more attention to Chongqing. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the World War and is the perfect time to promote the United States' relationship with Chongqing. With a combination of history and tourism together, this allows more Americans to understand the great city of Chongqing."