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2015 “A Celebration of Chinese Culture” Press Release

“A Celebration of Chinese Culture” is co-hosted by the Sino-American Culture & Arts Foundation, Sino-American Friendship Association, the Brooklyn Nets, and Chinese communities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. More than 16,000 attendees will be at the event to celebrate Chinese culture, along with one of America’s most popular sports with traditional Chinese music and performances. More than 100 major media outlets will report the event and televise internationally to millions of viewers in China and in the United States.

“A Celebration of Chinese Culture” begins with a VIP reception, including U.S and Chinese officials and dignitaries, American and Chinese business executives, and community leaders. The Brooklyn Nets will be playing against the Los Angeles Lakers following the reception, starring plays Jeremy Lin, Kevin Garnett and Brook Lopez.

“A Celebration of Chinese Culture” will provide a unique opportunity for participants to further build Chinese-American relationships in the tri-state area, as well as allow millions of Chinese viewers in China to experience the celebration and basketball game with American audiences.