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Video for welfare of Chinese women on 2015 Macy's Flower Show

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March 22 to April 5, 2015: A Chinese and American floral showcase sponsored by the Sino-American Friendship Association debuted in the 41st Macy's Flower Show. Chinese culture was presented in the floral glass windows with a "Explore Beautiful China" theme on the main mezzanine floor of the store. At the same time, this flower exhibition symbolizes women and the achievements made by Chinese women. To showcase this, the China Women Development Foundation worked with the Sino-American Friendship Association to get more attention from people to support the welfare of Chinese women. Both organizations are featured on the Macy's outdoor LED screen on the corner of 7th avenue and 34th street in New York City. The video showcases many projects like Water Cellar for Mothers and Pink Love Initiative by Pink Love Initiative. The video is expected to attract people from all over the world since it is near Penn Station and Madison Square Garden.