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First Ever Chinese Themed Garden for 41st Annual Macy's Flower Show

NEW YORK, N.Y. , Sun. Mar. 22, 2015: You know spring is just around the corner when the flowers arrive at the Macy’s Flower Show, a tradition that has wowed millions of visitors for the past 41 years that was opened by Macy's executives and Martha Stewart.
This year is even more special, as history is made with the first Chinese-themed garden in the Show, from March 22 through April 4th. The Sino-American Friendship Association (SAFA) showcases two extravagant "Explore Beautiful China" gardens at the "Art in Bloom" themed show this year on the highly trafficked mezzanine level at 34th Street in Manhattan.
The unique creation features a dress handmade from Chinese red envelopes as the centerpiece of the good luck and fortune gardens, which fills with flowers and traditional costumes representing the Chinese culture, and presents the idea of “moving upward.” Through the beauty of art, nature, and culture, the Chinese specialty gardens at the Macy's Flower Show presents an unforgettable sight.
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Chinese gardens highlight not only the beauty of China's landscapes and people, but also showcase a video, which is displayed in store and outside the Macy's building on its jumbotron LED screens, to demonstrate that the programs are empowering women by Sino-American Friendship Association and its member partner, China Women's Development Foundation, as well as the Pink Love Initiative for Women by Didi DaChe.
The flowers shown in the Chinese display represent the power and the achievements that women made around the world. Lili, Executive Vice President of SAFA says, "Our goals are to promote continous women's achievements and empower younger generations to do the same." Visitors will be able to experience Chinese culture with a calligrapher and red envelope decorating during the Macy's Family Fun Day.
During the opening day of the Macy's Flower Show, SAFA's gardens opens with a ribbon cutting ceremony by Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General of PRC in New York MeiFang Zhang and Peter Zhang, President of the Sino-American Friendship Association as well as Macy's Executives and special guests.
The Macy's Flower Show has been a celebration of the arrival of spring for New York City, and the officials anticipate more than 2 million visitors during the two weeks of exhibition in 2015. Macy’s Flower Show attracts media coverage from all major press, and it also generates more than 20 million online visitors, along with 4 million readers of published materials, and 14 million viewers of related programs. Through SAFA, the 41st annual event will for the first time mark the strengthening of friendship and mutual understanding between the people of the U.S. and China.
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