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Stone Forest at Macy's Family Fun Day


89th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade returns to the march down the streets of New York on Thursday, November 26, 2015. On November 22nd, Stone Forest attended the Macy’s Family Fun Day event, held in Macy's Herald Square. It was the only Chinese element presented to the spectators. The event helped spectators experienced the beauty of Chinese characters by letting children to tint Chinese character cards, such as China and Kunming. In addition, the valuable paintings of Stone Forest from Kunming, China were given to the spectators as a precious gift.

An interpreter dressed in a traditional Sani costume, one of Chinese ethnic groups in Kunming, explains Sani culture and the World Natural Heritage - Stone Forest to kids and their parents. The dressed interpreter also let the kids experience the beauty of Chinese characters, to cultivate kids’ interests in Chinese culture, and promote cultural exchanges among youth. In addition, Sino-American Friendship Association gave away limited 150 gift packages with a stone painting and documentary albums of Stone Forest as a Thanksgiving gift to lucky kids, which to provide a Chinese holiday wish to American Thanksgiving culture.

Li Li, the Executive Vice President of Sino-American Friendship Association, said that "The Family Fun Day of the series of Macy's Thanksgiving Day events is one of the initiatives taken by Kunming Tourism Development Committee, in order to strengthen the US-China relations as well as promote tourism of Kunming, China. This event is not only about engaging kids through a fun activity, but also cultivating parents' interests to have family trips to China."

Six-year-old Peter has never learned Chinese before, and told us "it is very interesting to see the structure of Chinese characters, and they look like paintings". After he got the Thanksgiving gift package, he was very excited and said, “the stone painting is so beautiful and I hope to visit China to see the real Stone Forest one day." Parents also said that these cultural exchanges are very educational and meaningful, and hope they could have family trips in Kunming to experience the natural wonder of Stone Forest.

A little girl is receiving a valuable Stone Forest painting from Kunming
Parents and children receiveing souvenirs from Kunming
Kids are experiencing Chinese calligraphy by tinting the character cards