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"An Evening of Chinese Culture " A series of events in New York to promote Chinese Culture

"Beautiful China Tour • Brilliant Chinese Night" is the theme of the 2014 sixth annual "An Evening of Chinese Culture." The activities on Saturday, August 2nd kicked off at the New York Mets Citi Field with the baseball team, bringing Chinese tourists and fans as well as a Chinese cultural performance for the American audience. The series of activities by the Sino-American Friendship Association organized by the Sino-American Culture and Arts Foundation, Cimagine Media Group, American Major League Baseball (MLB) New York Mets (New York Mets), are jointly sponsored with the China National Tourist Office New York (CNTO).

"Beautiful China" promo tour video was displayed in the big screen of New York Mets Citi Field

As the opening of the sixth "An Evening of Chinese Culture" series of activities, the Sino-American Friendship Association again hosted it at the Mets Citi Field. During the night of the game, "Beautiful China" promo tour featured in the middle of the big screen, followed by Deputy Consul General Zhang, Mei Fang of Chinese Consulate General in New York introducing Chinese culture and tourism in front of tens of thousands of spectators. Deputy Consul General Zhang was also invited by the President of the Sino-American Friendship Association, Peter Zhang as guest of honor to present a "US-China Relations Special Contribution Award" to the China National Tourist Office New York for supporting its activities. In addition, the New York Mets baseball team, Deputy Consul General Zhang, Mei Fang, Deputy Director of the China National Tourist Office New York, Pan, XiaoPeng, President of the Sino-American Friendship Association, Peter Zhang, ANL Express US President, Cindy Ye, and Li Li, President of the Sino-American Culture and Arts Foundation,  were awarded the "U.S. China Harmonious Contribution Award" in recognition of their contribution to the promotion of cultural exchanges between the United States and China. 

Left:Lili, Peter Zhang, Zhang, Meifang, Pan, Xiaopeng, Cindy Ye accepted the "US-China Relations Special Contribution Award" from Mets.

Zhang, Mei Fang introducing Chinese culture and tourism to all the audiences in the field

Before the game, the organizers gifted to the audiences exquisite Chinese tourist souvenirs. After the game, many fans expressed that they not only enjoyed the evening and a wonderful game, but also appreciated the opportunity to learn Chinese culture and receive souvenirs. This unique style of Chinese tourism promotion was really memorable to the baseball fans. So memorable that it was like having the opportunity to travel to China! It is worth mentioning that there was a youth group from China attending the "U.S. China Youth International Culture Festival” in the United States, and the little fans were invited to participate in this "An Evening of Chinese Culture". For most of them, this was their first chance to watch an American professional baseball game and many were thrilled to have "the feeling of watching the game in the field which was so exciting!" 

Mets fans asking about China tourism information around display desks
Organizers gifted to the audience with exquisite Chinese tourist souvenirs

The evening of August 3, "An Evening of Chinese Culture" series of activities of "The Four Seasons Charm • love moving US" was held in New York's famous Town Hall Theatre on Broadway, where the Chinese performance will continue ignite public interest in Chinese tourism and promote cultural enthusiasm!

This year's "An Evening of Chinese Culture" series of events has a variety of wonderful interpretations in the form of beauty and culture, to promote Chinese culture and beautiful scenery, for the purpose of promoting cultural exchanges between China and the U.S. We hope that this could touch the people's hearts, so that China once again can become attractive in captivating mainstream American audience's attention. The sixth consecutive "Evening of Chinese Culture" has received strong support from the U.S. government and organizations such as U.S. Senator Lu Tianna, mayor of New York City Baisi Hao, and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, by sending the event a congratulatory message and blessing. Sino-American Friendship Association President Peter Zhang said that in 2013, China's inbound tourists were over 2.08 million Americans. The United States is China's fourth largest source of tourists and tourism has become an important channel for US cultural exchange. The series of activities to "Beautiful China Tour • splendid China Night" is the theme to promote the beautiful Chinese scenery, rich history and cultural heritage and unique customs, so that the American people can understand the Chinese culture, visit China’s attractions, and be compelled to travel to China to strengthen US-China relations and friendship among its people.


Lili hosted the 6th Annual "An Evening of Chinese Culture" Press Conference, Cocktail Party and Gift Exchange Ceremony
David•Newman exchanged gifts with Peter Zhang 
Zhang, Meifang presented Pan, Xiaopeng "US-China Relations Special Contribution Award " that appreciating the efforts of CNTO to promote Chinese Culture
More than 40 thousands of audiences watching the Mets game and "An Evening of Chinese Culture" Event
Fireworks shinning bright in the field concluded the event
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