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“An Evening of Chinese Culture" U.S.-China Youth International Culture Festival Special Ceremonies Held on Broadway, New York

On August 3, 2014, the 35th anniversary of the establishment of U.S.-China diplomatic was celebrated at the event “An Evening of Chinese Culture.” The evening celebrations included song and dance performances as part of the 2014 “U.S. China Youth International Culture Festival” in Broadway’s renown Town Hall. The event was an opportunity for New Yorkers to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Sino-American cultural and artistic exchange, the result of united sponsorships by the Sino-American Friendship Association, the Sino-American Culture and Arts Foundation, and the Cimagine Media Group. Performances of Chinese operatic ballets were held, alongside a sumptuous banquet for especially invited honoured guests.

The celebrations opened with beautiful renditions of both countries’ national anthems by an American orchestra, followed by remarks delivered by Ms. Li Li, executive vice president of the Sino-American Friendship Association. Ms. Li Li remarked upon Sino-American Friendship Association reaching its 22nd anniversary, and expressed the wish for the U.S. China Youth International Culture Festival to allow special friendships to form between the youth of the United States and China, emphasizing the power of music and performances to transcend language barriers and connect people on a human level. Meanwhile, young artists from the United States and China shared the stage with Chinese opera and dance theater performers as over a thousand spectators watched, in hope of promoting a better understanding of Chinese culture and customs for American audiences, promoting Chinese travel, and promoting the exchange of American culture.

In the past decade, 18 schools have participated in US-China cultural exchange activities; this year, 800 American students participated in the “Beautiful Beijing in My Eyes” graphic contest, with six winners who were presented award certificates at the celebrations. Several teachers were also awarded a “Chinese Cultural Ambassador Award.” More notable performances by the Chinese Opera and Dance Theatre included famous singers and songs, so as to present the best of China’s arts to the American audience. Both American and Chinese student pianists performed renditions of Mozart and Chopin’s classics, while the performances of both American and Chinese students were greeted with audience applause and laughter. Those in attendance agreed that the evening full of cultural exchange left them with a deeper interest and appreciation of Sino-American friendship and the richness of experience it can offer both nations.

American and Chinese national anthems performed by Tottenville High School

American Students perform Flag Dance

Li Li, Executive Vice President of SAFA gives opening remark

Special Contribution Award presents to China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater

Opening Dance Performed by: China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater
Dance: "The Drunken Beauty"   
Dance: "Charming Carnival"
Left:"Peach Blossom Folk Song" performed by Ms. Sun, Bo
Middle: "Phantom of the Opera" performed by Ms. Chen, Xiaoduo & Mr. Gao, Peng
Right: "Little Running River" & "Dragon-boat King" performed by Ms. Chen, Rong
A piece from "Newsies" performed by students from the Poly Prep Country Day School
"Jouney to the West Visits the U.S." performed by Chinese-American Students
Dance: "The Whisper of the Sea"
8.jpg  91.jpg
Left: Chinese student representative performed piano solo "Turkish March"   
Right: American student representative performed piano solo "Chopin's Revolutionary Etude"
Ending Dance: "The Jasmine Flowers"
Lili gave the ending speech representing hosting orgnizations
All the award presenters, award receivers and hosting orgnizations took a photo with all the performers