Board of Advisors

Honorable Advisors :

BingdeZhou Former Vice President of China News Service

George Brathwaite World-renowned table tennis Hall of Fame Legend and star. 1970's PingPong Diplomacy's member to visit China

General Advisors : 

Margaret Lam Chief Executive Officer of Prosperity Resources International Inc, American Agent of Golden Resources International Development Inc, General Chairperson/Founder of New Jersey Chinese Festival

Yanshen Liu Ph.D. Supervior of Central China Normal University, Expert of Educational Information Technology

Wenbi Hong Direct of Fujian Tulou Joint Marketing Center, Former Chairman of China Travel Service Fujian

Wenlin Huang President of the Fujian Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Association

Zhongwen Qu Former Consul of Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in New York

Chenguang Zhu Director of Center for International Art & Culture

David Reps Professor of Pace University, Former Dow Jones Financial Consultant

Committee of Education Advisors : 

Elena Estrin Education expert in U.S. with over 30 years of experience

Committee of Torism Development Advisors : 

Simone Bassous Executive Director of Pacific Asia Travel Association New York Chapter

Wayne V. Lee, Jr President of Wayne's World Media Group

Legal Advisors : 

Mona Shah, ESQ Legal Advisor in U.S.

Guan, Xuanyun, ESQ Legal Advisor in China