Corporate Programs

Programs We Currently Offer:

·Seminars, Forums and Panels focusing on Educational and Medical Issues

·Public Relations Advising and Business Networking Receptions and Events

·Regularly Scheduled and Customizable Business Delegations

The Sino-American Friendship Association provides over 18 years of experience in helping American companies develop market share in China, and continues to be a leader in marketing consulting. SAFA is a team of qualified and experienced professionals who specialize in a myriad of different industries.

SAFA provides consulting services for business executives and public-private sector specialists from both the U.S. and China to enhance opportunities for successful partnerships. SAFA achieves its goal as a bridge organization by creating domestic demand, international growth through public relations advisory, in addition to, organizing and hosting special events and tailored programs based on individual needs.

SAFA provides regularly scheduled and customized delegations to China and the U.S. for businesses, management, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurs. These delegations provide an exceptional opportunity to meet with community, business, and political leaders. SAFA helps organizations achieve new levels of growth in diverse markets such as life sciences, chemicals, packaging & converting, graphic arts, health, sports, banking, as well as many other industries.

No matter the focus or necessity, SAFA will work with you to build relationships between the two nations.

Creating Domestic Appeal

Chinese Americans continue to cluster in close-knit communities where viral marketing and word-of-mouth promotion are the cornerstones of successful marketing campaigns. The differing needs of a Chinese American campaign have kept expansion into this market stagnant and have left the market relatively untouched.

SAFA helps companies break into these communities through a combination of selective media buying, public relations management, and culturally appropriate events that ensure results.

Growing Abroad through PR Advisory

SAFA has established an unparalleled network of relationships with major Chinese media, a large network of Fortune 500 Chinese companies with branches in China and the United States, and government officials in China.

SAFA has also established a strong and respected rapport within the Chinese government, including high-level contacts across industrial regions. Having access to local government and business leaders in manufacturing regions is essential to developing a successful enterprise.

We offer our clients access to these connections as well as proper marketing strategies to be used abroad. China continues to be the largest growing market in the world and as expansion continues into the manufacturing sector, having a proper marketing strategy has become ever-more important.