Medical Programs

SAFA specializes in areas of clinical studies, hospital management, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies as it is in touch with many different professionals serving in the healthcare area.

By deepening relationships and contemplating the core questions of the present medical field through discussion, SAFA simultaneously furthers solidarity to build a strong foundation between the U.S. and China. SAFA believes that participation of members at such a high level of expertise will have a significant impact in setting the stage for the U.S. and China to bring substantial accomplishments to the field in the near future.

A bridge organization between U.S. and China, SAFA’s goals are:

·Linking academic and research information with caregivers, consultants, vendors, and vendor-based researchers

·Leading the Chinese and American medical and health technology communities through the 21st century.

·Promoting interconnectivity between health information and knowledge across professional and geographical boundaries.

·Serving as the means for interchange of Chinese and American health information infrastructures for patient care, pharmaceutical, management, electronic medical records, medical laws and regulations, and health research.