Educational Programs

The Sino-American Friendship Association makes arrangements for Chinese educators to visit American universities while simultaneously assisting American educators to visit Chinese institutions. The Sino-American Friendship Association promotes higher education through study abroad programs. SAFA provides a long-term commitment to promote American and Chinese educational exchanges because we believe an enhanced understanding of both sides is mutually beneficial.

Education will serve to enhance understanding between the two cultures, by illuminating the unwritten rules, customs, and habits unique to every culture. SAFA organizes visits and tours to Departments of Education, education related  seminars, and events led by high-ranking members of the educational field to network and lead colloquiums. Government officials from the U.S. and China are invited to speak at schools regarding the future of education.

SAFA also specializes in assisting the creation of sister schools and summer programs, including camps and study abroad. SAFA is actively planning and organizing academic seminars, forums, research opportunities and other educational activities to allow Chinese students the opportunity to experience advanced educational channels.

Programs We Currently Offer: 

  • Special program:
    • Trips to China more   for more info...
    • Trips to U.S. more  for more info...
    • Featured summer camp
      NBA Summer Camp
      Future youth leaders explore trip
      Broadway performances camp
      The American Life Experience Camp 
  • Organize trips for educaters and executives to visit universities and departments of education in the U.S. and China
  • Assist students to study abroad in the U.S.
  • Create sister school relationships between the U.S. and China