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~ Gain an insightful view of China through Chinese Language Learning & Cultural Experience~

China not only boasts one of the world's most ancient civilizations, but its unparalleled growth over the past three decades has made it a top player on the world stage. SACAF believes to staying competitive in today's global market. A strong understanding of China is a valuable asset for American young adults. The goal of SACAF is to create a truly unique learning experience through educational trips of cultural immersion in China. The diverse activities of this program will aid in the improvement of the student's Chinese language skills (no matter his or her current abilities), engage the student in a foreign culture, and help the student grow more independent as he or she prepares for college.

Sino-American Cultural & Arts Foundation (SACAF) provides students with a first-hand experience of a vast and diverse modern China: its bustling metropolis, beautiful rural landscapes, and awe-inspiring cultural attractions.

Spring Break : Students Culture Trip to China

During Spring Break , the Sino-American Cultural & Arts Foundation (SACAF) coordinate a unique learning experience for American students through a 12 day, activity-packed trip in China. Students not only visit world-renowned sites, but also have an opportunity to see the 'real' China: the back alleys and residential areas of Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu. Participants learn about China across a diverse range of themes including the arts, business, entertainment, and the environment, as well as, meeting some of the professionals shaping China in these areas. The Sino-American Cultural & Arts Foundation (SACAF) travels to the participating schools at a mutually agreed upon time to introduce the trip and to conduct orientation to prospective students. For more info 

Summer : Students Culture Trip to China

The Sino-American Cultural & Arts Foundation (SACAF) introduce a 3 week-long "Culture Trip to China". This program provides students with an eye-opening first-hand experience of China's bustling metropolis as well as its beautiful rural landscapes and awe-inspiring cultural attractions.

SACAF offers the summer culture trip programs for American students to explore China through language and culture immersion. During the trip, students will be able to learn Chinese language in a traditional classroom, interact with native speakers, and visit some of China's world-famous historical sites. The group will meet with local students and families as well as various professionals with backgrounds in the arts, culture, business, and sports. Student will have a unique opportunity to meet with local government officials and discover the city's history and culture. Throughout the trip, students will gain an in-depth understanding of Chinese culture and learn fundamental conversation skills. SACAF provides orientation prior to the departure date. alt For more info alt

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